Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision more about potential side effects?


Since all of the treatments for Prostate Cancer have similar cure rates at 15 yrs many patients base their choice of treatment on the potential for side effects.

For instance:

  • If you absolutely could not tolerate total incontinence don’t choose surgery as this has the biggest risk for that complication.
  • If you are worried that you could be totally impotent as a possibility don’t choose surgery. I am not saying it will occur you just have a higher chance of total loss of erectile function with surgery as opposed to radiation.
  • Radiation negatively affects erections but not quickly or dramatically. It has a negative effect over time.
  • Radiation patients don’t have total incontinence but do get urgency and frequency.

You get the drift…my advice?

Choose the treatment that you feel gives you the best chance of cure with the least side effects that matter most to you i.e. a patient who is already impotent doesn’t have to worry about that side effect if he is considering surgery.

In other words…Choose your poison.

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