The “big three” in deciding what to do for your prostate cancer diagnosis.

putting it all together tiff #1

  • You’ve been told you have prostate cancer and you’ve heard… that most people die “with it” instead of “from it.”
  • You’ve heard that a friend did something and he did very well or that another friend did something and he did very poorly.
  • You’ve read that prostate cancer is over diagnosed and over treated.
  • You’ve seen the ads of men playing golf a few days after radiation therapy.
  • You feel your urologist is biased towards surgery.

Forget what you’ve been told, read, or seen on the internet-You need to first thoroughly understand three things-

  1. The specifics of your disease-i.e. how to read the path report and your PSA value.
  2. Who are you…are you a cure first person or an avoid any side effects person…are you a surgery type or an anything but “lettin sombody cut on you” type person.
  3. Which complication or side effect of each of the treatments worry you the most…can you live with impotence, does the idea of wearing a diaper and leaking urine all the time get your attention.

Once you put all this together and consult with the right people then you can come to an informed decision which is “taylor made” to you…not your friend at church or work or…your uncle’s best friend in Ohio.

A second opinion is rarely a bad idea. You can make an appointment 24/7 by leaving your number and we’ll call with an time. And remember…I don’t have a dog in this fight so concerns about being biased is not a factor in your consultation.


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