The “potential”problem with treating prostate cancer with radioactive seeds.


I like radioactive seed therapy as a treatment option for prostate cancer but it is not without its faults (as are all of the treatments.) The picture on the right is the placement of the seeds in a perfect world. See how nice and uniform they are?  Now on the left is the real world-not so perfect huh? What if, just what if, a higher Gleason score nest of cancer cells was sitting right where the seeds ain’t or where there is a gap between the seeds. Is it possible that the cancer is not treated because the placement of the seeds is an imperfect science and that the cancer reoccurs because of not getting enough of the radiation?

Just saying…

When you remove the prostate you know you are getting all of the cancer in the prostate. When you use seeds…do you know that you are killing all the prostate cancer cells in the prostate?

Something to think about.

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