After a prostatectomy for prostate cancer the male urinary system resembles a female. What?


  • When it comes to the control of urine the male has one more defense mechanism than the female…the prostate.
  • So when a male has his prostate removed his anatombecomes very similar to the female.
  • After a prostatectomy the male continence depends in a large part on the external sphincter just as a female does.
  • This is shown in the diagram above.
  • Women leak urine sometimes as they age when they cough, sneeze or strain with a particular activity such as playing tennis or getting into or out of a car. This is called stress incontinence.
  • Men after a prostatectomy also can have stress incontinence like a female.
  • Stress incontinence is very uncommon in a male with a prostate.
  • Radiation for prostate cancer does not cause stress incontinence but can cause urgency and urgency incontinence.
  • Like a vasectomy doesn’t affect your male hormones and make you a woman, so too removing the prostate and making your urinary anatomy more like a woman does not make you a woman.
  •  This is however an important treatment decision factor because if you have an overwhelming concern regarding leaking urine…you should not have the prostate removed.

Your post prostatectomy anatomy and how it is similar to the female is a very important factor in your decision making process. 

A decision made without this information in mind is a decision made in error.

A word…or two… to the wise is sufficient.


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