Prostate Cancer Decision Making Basics in Georgia.


The Overall Process That Leads Up to the Decision about Which Treatment to Pursue.

  • The family doctor sends you to a urologist because of an elevated PSA.
  • After a rectal exam and discussion with the urologist a biopsy is done.
  • Your biopsy shows prostate cancer.
  • You review and understand the significance of your PSA, the rectal exam findings, and the specifics of your pathology report…i.e. Gleason score and volume of disease.
  • You factor in characteristics specific to you such as your personality, family and work situation and then assess which risks worry you the most…or least.
  • You discuss with your family, friends, urologist and possibly get a second opinion with an oncologist or radiation oncologist.
  • You do your own research and speak to people who have been treated and inquire (more than superficially) how they did with a particular treatment.
  • You make a decision.

Having thoroughly vetted the options and utilized all of your resources, you still have the chance of having a side-effect of the treatment you so painstakingly chose and feel that if you had it to over again…you would have gone a different route.

The credit or blame for how you do is and should be squarely on your shoulders…and maybe just a little bit of good or bad luck.

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