Prostate cancer? Do what granddaddy did? All prostate cancers are not created equally.


  • As the diagram above shows, there are several possible scenarios in regards to what might be found on a prostate biopsy.
  • Just as some breast cancers are more aggressive than others, so too some prostate cancers are more aggressive than others.
  • That is why there are over 250,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed a year but only 30,000 deaths reported a year.
  • To complicate matters there is the biopsy report specifics to consider in your decision making but there are all the other factors to consider such as you age, your health and your situation in life.
  • The diagram above is just a start but it help you determine if your cancer is the good kind or the bad kind and then you can begin to formulate the treatment which is best for you and …the people you love.

If granddaddy had the the best scenario and had no treatment and lived to 100, that doesn’t mean that if you have the bad scenario prostate cancer you should do what he did. Think apples to apples and oranges to oranges…not apples to oranges.

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