Prostate cancer and voiding symptoms.

Myth #1 “I couldn’t have prostate cancer because I don’t have any problem urinating.”

  • The most common cause of a slow stream or trouble voiding in men is an enlarged (benign) prostate not prostate cancer.
  • If a man has problems urinating because of prostate cancer it is usually an advanced stage of prostate cancer.
  • As seen in the illustration, most cancers originated in the posterior area well away from the tube that men void through (prostatic urethra). Hence, you can have prostate cancer and no trouble voiding.
  • Not all prostate cancers are palpable on rectal exam so a man saying “The doctor says my exam is normal and I have no voiding symptoms so I can’t have cancer” is misguided.
  • No trouble voiding has little to do with whether you have prostate cancer or not, however it has a lot to do with your treatment decision.

So you have been told your prostate biopsy showed cancer. Were you told about the significance of the prostatic urethra and its importance in making your treatment decision?

No?  Exactly. You need a second opinion to give your decision some texture…not to necessarily change it.

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