Significance of the capsule in prostate cancer.

  • Capsular invasion by prostate cancer can be seen microscopically by the pathologist if the prostate has been removed.
  • Capsular invasion is assumed if the on rectal exam there is a palpable nodule or firmness.
  • If capsular invasion is present and you have had your prostate removed, you have a higher likelihood of needing radiation at some point after the prostatectomy, i.e. your PSA will begin to rise.
  • The Partin table can help you predict chances of capsular invasion by using the PSA and the Gleason’s score of your biopsy report.
  • If you decide to have radiation and there is suspicion of capsular invasion, the radiation therapist might recommend a treatment plan that emphasizes tissue around the prostate.

So…here’s the thing. If you have decided that you want your prostate taken out because you feel that “you want to be done with it” and you knew by the Partin table that you had a 25% chance of capsular invasion and the need for radiation after you had recovered from your surgery…would that make you say to yourself, “Hell, if I am going to have to have radiation anyway, why not just have it from the start and not go through the surgery and its aftermath?”

These are the things you need to think about. Have you heard this before?

No? Exactly. That’s my point. You are welcome.

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